Monday, 16 February 2015

Android aoo: Google Keep - best Note taking app

There are several note taking apps on the play store and some would even argue that apps like evernote and others are better at managing task and quick note taking, but the reason i think Google keep is better is because it is simple and at the same time full featured.
The app lets you make lists,set reminders,add voice notes,add an image to a note and best of all it lets you quickly search through all your notes, and now after a recent update it can even search for text within an image The text recognition characteristics should be useful if you are in the habit of clipping text-heavy images (e.g. from newspapers) and keeping them as image note.

The app is available for free on the play store here is a link.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Anddroid app: Yahoo Weather - Best Weather app for Android

Yahoo Weather is one of the best weather apps for Android, it doesn't only look nice but also provides all the necessary information you'd want from a weather app, from rain forecasts to wind speeds. 

the app also has a couple of nice Widgets that you can add to your homescreen

you can download the app for free from here

Ipad app: Paper - Best Drawing/sketching app for iPad

Paper is a great for all your Sketching needs, even if you're  not really good at drawing everything you draw using this app turns out beautiful for some reason.
And previously the app was very limited as there was only one brusH was free and the rest you had to purchase but recently the developer
 All the brushes and the tools in the app completely free, all the more reason to download the app.

The app is available on the app store, here is adirect link.

Stay tuned for more great apps!


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